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What to know about the Ukrainian refugee crisis

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theSkimm, March 2022

Within one week of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, at least one million people have fled. Searching for safety as Russian forces continue their attacks, with no signs of stopping. People have been finding refuge in neighboring countries to the West. But experts say this is just the beginning. Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing refugee crisis.

Where Refugees Are Headed And What Their Journey Is Like

With hundreds of thousands of people escaping violence, UN officials are warning this could turn into Europe’s “largest refugee crisis” this century. More than half of those who’ve left Ukraine have fled to Poland. While others have gone to nearby countries like Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. 

Our “Skimm This” podcast team spoke with Serena Parekh, a professor of philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Northeastern University, about what’s been happening in Ukraine. She studies refugee crises, and has been closely watching the situation unfold. She called what’s happening in eastern Europe “a huge, huge displacement.”

Listen to the podcast at theSkimm.

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