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CSSH Celebrates 2016 Intellectual Achievements

Photos of the honored faculty and staff

The college celebrates the faculty members from the range of our academic disciplines who published a new monograph, edited an anthology, or received a major grant or fellowship in 2016.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities celebrated the publishing and research accomplishments of our faculty, the third annual CSSH Teaching Awards, and the second annual CSSH Outstanding Staff Awards on Thursday, April 20 at the 5th Annual CSSH Faculty and Staff Celebration.

Below is the list of faculty members from the range of our academic disciplines who the college honored for publishing a new monograph, editing an anthology, or receiving a major grant or fellowship in 2016. Chairs provided nominations in this process.


Faculty and Staff Celebration for 2016 Intellectual Achievements

Amílcar A. Barreto

Associate Professor, Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies; Director, MA Program in International Affairs


American Identity in the Age of Obama


CO-AUTHOR: Richard L. O’Bryant


Anthony Braga

Distinguished Professor and Director, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Place Matters: Criminology for the 21st Century

Cambridge University Press

CO-AUTHORS: David Weisburd, John E. Eck, Cody W. Telep, Breanne Cave et al.


Carlos Cuevas

Associate Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence


CO-EDITOR: Callie Marie Rennison


Theo Davis

Associate Professor, Department of English


Ornamental Aesthetics: The Poetry of Attending in Thoreau, Dickinson, and Whitman

Oxford University Press


Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

Professor and Chair, Department of English; Co-Director, NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks


The Haitian Revolution and the Early United States: Histories, Textualities, Geographies

University of Pennsylvania Press

CO-EDITOR: Michael Drexler


James Alan Fox

Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy; School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Randomized Response and Related Methods: Surveying Sensitive Data Second Edition

SAGE Publications, Inc.


Lori Gardinier

Director and Teaching Professor, Human Services Program


Service-Learning Through Community Engagement

Springer Publishing Company


Michael Handel

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Accounting for Mismatch in Low- and Middle-Income Countries:  Measurement, Magnitudes, and Explanations

World Bank Publications

CO-AUTHORS: Alexandria Valerio AND Maria Laura Sánchez Puerta


Tom Havens

Professor, Department of History


Global Indigeneities and the Environment

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

CO-EDITOR: Karen Thornber


Timothy Hoff

Professor, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and D’Amore-McKim School of Business


The Healthcare Professional Workforce: Understanding Human Capital in a Changing Industry

Oxford University Press

CO-EDITORS: Kathleen M. Sutcliffe and Gary J. Young


Kathleen Coyne Kelly

Professor, Department of English


Chaucer on Screen: Absence, Presence, and Adapting the Canterbury Tales

Ohio State University Press

CO-AUTHOR: Tison Pugh


Jack Levin

Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


The Violence of Hate:  Understanding Harmful Forms of Bias and Bigotry Fourth Edition

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

CO-AUTHOR: Jim Nolan


Doreen Lee

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Activist Archives: Youth Culture and the Political Past in Indonesia

Duke University Press


Mary Loeffelholz

Professor, Department of English; Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies


The Value of Emily Dickinson

Cambridge University Press


Kate Luongo

Associate Professor, Department of History


Obama and Kenya: Contested Histories and the Politics of Belonging

Ohio University Press

CO-AUTHOR: Matthew Carotenuto


William F.S. Miles

Professor, Department of Political Science


In the Shadow of Moses: New Jewish Movements in Africa and the Diaspora

African Academic Press

CO-EDITORS: Daniel Lis and Tudor Parfitt


Serena Parekh

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion


Refugees and the Ethics of Forced Displacement



Mya Poe

Assistant Professor, Department of English


Writing in Engineering: A Brief Guide

Oxford University Press

CO-AUTHOR: Robert Irish


Heather Streets-Salter

Chair and Associate Professor, Department of History


Empires and Colonies in the Modern World: A Global Perspective

Oxford University Press

CO-AUTHOR: Trevor R. Getz


Nina Sylvanus

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Patterns in Circulation: Cloth, Gender, and Materiality in West Africa

University of Chicago Press


Steven Vallas

Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


The SAGE Handbook of Resistance

SAGE Publications

CO-AUTHOR: David Courpasson


Daniel Noemi Voionmaa

Associate Professor of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies; Director, Latino/a, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Program


En Tiempo Fugitivo: Narrativa Latinoamericana Contemporánea

Universidad Alberto Hurtado Press: Santiago


Dov Waxman

Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies, Department of Political Science, International Affairs Program, and Jewish Studies Program


Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel

Princeton University Press


Brandon Welsh

Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Juvenile Delinquency: The Core Fourth Edition

Wadsworth Publishing


CSSH Major Grants and Fellowships Awarded 2016


Anthony Braga

City of Oakland California

“Evaluation of Oakland Police Departments Operation Ceasefire Program”

Co-PIS: Jack McDevitt and Greg Zimmerman


Timothy S. Brown

American Council of Learned Societies

“The Greening of Cold War Germany: Environmentalism and Social Movements across the Wall and Beyond, 1968-1989”


Elizabeth Bucar


“Religion and Journalism in International Affairs”

CO-PI: Jonathan Kaufman


Dennis R. Cokely

Project GO — ROTC Language Program

“NU and ROTC Liberty Battalion Arabic and Chinese Language Acquisition Program”

CO-PI: Denis J. Sullivan


Candice Delmas

Dworkin-Balzan Fellowship

Center for Law and Philosophy at NYU

Research related to the mission of The Balzan Prize Research Project


Elizabeth Dillon and Tim Cresswell

National Endowment for the Humanities

“Space, Place and the Humanities”


Diana Doucette

U.S. Department of Education

“Regional Interpreter Education Center”


Amy Farrell

National Institute of Justice

“Capturing Human Trafficking Victimization through Crime Reporting”

CO-PIS:  Jack F. McDevitt, Carlos Cuevas and Glenn Pierce


Julia Flanders

National Endowment for the Humanities

“TEI and Humanities Pedagogy: Building TAPAS Classroom”


Stephen E. Flynn

Department of Homeland Security

“Behavior-Based Methods, Models, Training and Technologies to Enhance Community Resilience”


University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

“Measuring and Rewarding Resilience”


University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

“Resilience Governance”


David Lazer

Office of Naval Research

“Exploring Large Scale Networks and Unobservable Counterfactuals”


Katherine A. Luongo

U.S. Library of Congress

“Border-Crossing Beliefs: African Witchcraft in the Global Arena of Asylum”


Dan O’Brien

MacArthur Foundation

“Boston Area Research Initiative: Extending the New Urban Science”


Glenn L. Pierce

Department of Homeland Security

“Exploratory Methods Mapping (EMM) Algorithm Program for Translating Subject Matter Expertise to Machine Algorithms”

CO-PI: Kenneth John MacDonald


Matthias Ruth

Urban Studies Foundation

“Urban Studies Foundation: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship”

PI: Sanjeev Routray

CO-PI: Gavin Shatkin


Benjamin Schmidt

National Endowment for the Humanities

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

NEH-Mellon Fellowship for Digital Publication


Denis J. Sullivan

The Carnegie Corporation of New York

“Learning from Syria and the Balkans: Policy Development Related to Transnational Crises”


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