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Our students are global citizens creating and curating knowledge and shaping solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

What is the Experiential Liberal Arts? A continuous cycle of learning, acting, and reflecting both inside and outside the classroom. Our approach begins with familiar liberal arts skills, which are deepened and extended through integration with the three ideas here.

Experiential Academics

#1 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Whether it's a co-op at the Library of Congress or study abroad at the London School of Economics or research in our Violence and Justice Research Lab, experiential learning is at the heart of CSSH.

#2 NEW PROFICIENCIES: Our classes, combined majors, and minors enable you to integrate new research methods such as data visualization, geocoding, and text mining into your studies.

#3 LOCAL & GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT: CSSH students have learned, researched, and worked in over 80 different countries, through programs including the CSSH-developed Dialogues of Civilization, partnerships with network campuses such as the New College of the Humanities, traditional study abroad, and global co-op.

Here are just a few of the locations our students have visited as part of our Dialogues of Civilization series:

We teach the next generation of leaders how to take action in the face of ambiguity.