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Welcome to the Africana Studies Program!  

On these pages, you will find information about our interdisciplinary program, its faculty, undergraduate studies, research, cooperative studies, and much more!

The Africana Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program within the department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies with a mission of teaching and conducting research in social sciences and humanities fields on the historical and contemporary experiences of Africans, African Americans, and members of the global African Diaspora. The Program offers two majors, three combined majors, a half-major template, four minors, and a host of elective courses based in interdisciplinary approaches to the study of history, culture, language, political systems, health, and behaviors of peoples of African ancestry in the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, and throughout the African Diaspora. Our course offerings span a broad register from the early days of colonization and enslavement to contemporary issues, such as Hip-Hop Culture, Jazz, and the experiences of Africans both in the continent of Africa and throughout the Diaspora. Our program has particular strengths in the broad areas of:

  • Cultural, Gender & Digital Studies
  • Global Medicine & Health Equity
  • Law, Public Policy & Social Justice
  • Urban, Environmental Studies & Natural Resources

In closing, I welcome you to stop by our program offices on the second floor of Renaissance Park.

Dr. Nicole N. Aljoe

Director, Africana Studies Program