Africana Studies Minors

Africana/African/African American Minor (5 courses)

Humanities Social Science
AFAM 1104 African American Experience Through Music AFRS 1185 Gender in the African Diaspora
AFAM 1113 Black Popular Culture AFAM 1225 Gender, Race, & Medicine
AFAM 1135 John Coltrane and the History of Jazz in the U.S. AFRS 1270 Introduction to Global Health
AFAM 2296 Early African American Literature AFRS 2370 Africa Today
AFAM 2350 History of Blacks in the Media and the Press AFAM 2334 Contemporary Black Politics
AFAM 2455 American Women Writers & Race AFAM 2339 Black Community and Social Change
AFAM 3663 The African American Novel AFRS 2465 Scope and Dynamics of Conflicts in Africa
AFRS 3410 Religion & Spirituality in the African Diaspora AFRS 3424 Epidemiology of Pandemic Diseases & Health Disparities in the African Diaspora
AFRS 3900 Gender & Black World Literatures AFRS 3465 Natural Resources


Black Feminist Studies Minor (4 courses)

Two Required courses


Plus Two Electives from:


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African Studies Minor

Africana Studies Minor

Black Feminist Studies Minor