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Why the UK needs the Realms and the Commonwealth much more than they need the UK

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The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 countries that span multiple continents and oceans to work towards shared goals in democracy and development.

The main objective of the monarchy is to survive, and Queen Elizabeth II was good at understanding that, moving into the background when necessary. She was always able to remain neutral, and in some countries, she even managed to stay a very popular figure.

“What is so impressive about Queen Elizabeth II, she always managed to put her youth and the errors of her reign behind her”

Calderon Martinez

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, many have praised her for reinventing the monarchy and herself as a positive force and a common link among the members of the Commonwealth of Nations. 

But many of the Commonwealth’s members have matured since, and they might not need the monarch or the U.K. to thrive anymore. 

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