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Some students are very entrepreneurial and create their own “Experiential Co-op”. this type of co-op is very student-directed. Often the student doesn’t have a supervisor…or the supervisor is more of a mentor than a boss.

I have had students do many interesting experiential co-ops: start their own non-profit, work on an honors project abroad, and even attend outdoor leadership schools or culinary schools.

**Students can be creative, but I will want to sit down and talk the proposal through with you to make sure you can stay on track, etc.If your experiential co-op is also a research proposal, see this link for potential funding opportunities.

There are THREE STEPS to complete to have your job approved as a co-op (see below).

There are three steps to complete. Then make an appointment, come see me, and we will discuss them and see if it could workExperiential Co-op Proposal GuidelinesExperiential PetitionPlease go to this link and follow the directions below to add your “job” into NUworks – Experiential – Job Description link. (for a domestic or international experiential co-op). This last form will put your “assignment” into NUworks

Please list Lisa Worsh as your supervisor. With your contact information – while on co-op – under Lisa’s name.Please be sure to choose the College of Social Sciences and Humanities , if this is a domestic co-op –choose my name (Lisa Worsh) so that this request comes directly to me. If this is international and you cannot choose me, fill it out and then let me know so I can ask the IT people to send it to me. Thank you!

How to reflect and FINISH (get a grade) for your experiential co-op.

See this page for the first few steps – but read below for exceptions the self evaluationIf you have a supervisor, make sure they complete the employer evaluation read your original proposal. Compare what you thought would happen to what actually happened. Reflect on that. Use the questions from a regular co-op’s reflection process Domestic Experiential – Job Description Form. (the project part) as well.