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Program Outcomes for Asian Studies

Students will be able to:

  1. Analyze how global forces of economic, political, and cultural change affect contemporary Asian societies.
  2. Explain basic historical linkages between Asian societies, such as intra-regional cultural, social, economic, and religious interactions.
  3. Explain basic historical linkages between Asia and the world, including economic and cultural linkages, migration, and the experience of colonialism.
  4. Analyze a range of historical and contemporary issues in a specific Asian society.
  5. Identify and articulate clear positions on key debates in Asian Studies within a specific academic discipline (for example, sociology, history, political science, economics, religious studies, or international relations).
  6. Speak proficiently in an Asian language to converse on a range of topics.
  7. Explain inter-cultural differences, and reflect thoughtfully on inter-cultural interactions, based on an inter-cultural academic or work experience (such as a study abroad experience, Dialogue, or co-op).
  8. Write clear, evidence-based analyses on a topic of research.
  9. Interpret a range of data sources within an area of concentration.