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Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the ASL Program website!

Here you will find information about our mission and commitment to the Deaf Community, our faculty, current students and alumni.

The ASL Program is most proud of its alumni who provide thoughtful, dedicated service to Deaf people. As can be seen in our Mission statement our primary goal is to prepare our graduates to work in positive and supportive ways with members of the Deaf Community.

As one of only 14 accredited Interpreter Education Programs in the country (only ten of which are four-year programs), we have a very unique discourse-based curriculum. We believe that this curriculum best prepares our students to work with the Deaf Community. In addition to our ASL/English major, one of the unique features of Northeastern’s ASL Program is our combined majors — ASL Studies and Psychology, ASL Studies and Human Services, ASL Studies and Theater. These combined majors provide opportunities and options for our graduates to work with the deaf Community in creative and meaningful ways.

We are also extremely fortunate to be located in the city of Boston that has a very vibrant Deaf Community and perhaps the most supportive interpreting communities in the country. Our undergraduate majors and minors become involved with these communities as part of their regular coursework that helps them develop strong and supportive connections during their time at Northeastern and beyond.

We also have a very strong commitment to “giving back” to the Deaf and Interpreting communities. We do this by sponsoring a range of workshop and in-service training opportunities. And, importantly, we host an annual nationwide ASL Poetry, Storytelling and deaf Art Competition for k-12 Deaf students. We also host an annual ASL Festival that draws hundreds of people each year to experience and enjoy an ASL immersion weekend.

I hope that by exploring the pages on our website you enjoy learning more about our faculty, students, program. I welcome your questions and communication at d.cokely@neu.edu.

American Sign Language

Dennis Cokely

Professor and Director