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Meet the Summer Symposium Instructors


ASL Immersion

Kelly Kim

KELLY KIM, is a licensed teacher at The Learning Center for the Deaf, where he teaches Science for middle school students. He earned his B.A. in Psychology and Communication Studies from Gallaudet University, M.S. in Secondary Education of the Deaf from Rochester Institute of Technology, and C.A.G.S. in Education of the Deaf from Boston University. He is currently pursuing an Ed.S degree in Science Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has taught American Sign Language for 10 years in various settings: high school, community college, universities, adult education programs, summer programs, and a non-profit agency. A strong believer in community service, Kelly serves as a board member for DEAF Inc. and as president of a parent association for his son’s school.


Jennifer O’Brien

Jenn O'Brien

JENNIFER O’BRIEN is a licensed educator and has taught Deaf children in elementary school. She is currently an ASL instructor at Bristol Community College, a Deaf Educator through the Public School Partnerships program with The Learning Center for the Deaf, and works with families through the Family Sign Language Program. Jenn has held workshops for a community ASL class, and in the past two years, she has taught at Northeastern University in the ASL Immersion track of their Annual Summer Symposium. Jenn studied at Gallaudet for her bachelor’s degree and then went on to Boston University for her Master’s degree in Deaf Education. Jenn’s passion is spreading awareness of language rights for Deaf children, and sharing resources for Deaf children and their families. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Michael Olivier


MICHAEL J. OLIVIER hails from Massachusetts and is a proud graduate of one of the first bilingual/bicultural schools for the Deaf—The Learning Center for the Deaf. Michael received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a Theatre minor from California State University, Northridge. Michael obtained a Master of Arts degree in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education from The University of Arizona. Michael worked at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf as an ASL Specialist for six years and taught ASL courses at Phoenix College. Michael has also worked at Western Oregon University as an Instructor for ASL Studies and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education programs for three years. Currently, Michael is an ASL Specialist at The Learning Center for the Deaf (Marie Philip School). His areas of interests include ASL linguistics, Academic ASL and ASL storytelling. Michael is married to Renee and they have two sons. In his free time (if any!), Michael enjoys running, DIY projects, and traveling.


The ASL Interpreter’s Guide to Reflective Practice

Jackie Emmart

JACKIE EMMART, MS, NIC-A, CF-L1, has been fortunate to learn from and work among some of the most talented American Sign Language interpreters the field has to offer, and believes in paying it forward. As such, at times during the last 14 years she has served on the boards of her state and national professional interpreting organizations, as a mentor for student and novice interpreters, as a co-facilitator of the annual Northeastern University (NU) Interpreting Symposium, and as an adjunct lecturer at NU. She was a staff interpreter at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2008-2015 and has since enjoyed returning to interpreting in private practice, contracting in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Though her interpreting expertise can be found in health care and leadership, she has also practiced in other settings both locally and nationally, including professional business, community and higher education, performance art, video relay, and emergency press conferences. In addition to being an interpreter, Jackie is a member of the CrossFit Tradewinds coaching staff in Winthrop, MA and co-founder of High Five Health, a pop-up healthcare access advocacy program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth. When not interpreting, coaching, or dreaming up her next project, she is guaranteed to be found with her nose buried in an integrative medicine book about brain health, exploring the many ways in which we bring ourselves closer to or farther from achieving optimal wellness.

Shana Gibbs

A native of Upstate NY, Gallaudet and Boston University alumni, SHANA GIBBS is currently a full-time graduate student for the second time around at Boston University’s Wheelock School of Education studying Educational leadership, administration and policy after having completed her first Masters in Deaf Education, also at Boston University. She is a RID Associate Member and MassRID member as a Deaf Interpreter. In addition, in the fall of 2019, she will be starting her one-year program with Project Climb, a Legal Interpreting training program. Her interpreting experiences include theatre, educational and community interpreting.  Her involvement in the interpreting community spans over ten years in different capacities such as an interpreter coordinator for two different not-for-profit human service providers, involvement with two other universities’ interpreting training programs as well as working on a RID regional conference committee. As a community activist, her community roles range from local to national including currently serving as the Vice President of Community Relations for Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf (MSAD) and as a Board Member of Youth Leadership Camp Alumni Foundation (YLCAF) and Vanguard for Aspen Camp.

Angela Herbert

Angela Herbert

ANGELA HERBERT has worked as an ASL/English interpreter both in educational and freelance settings including K-12, post-secondary, medical, mental health, performing arts, conferences, and twelve-step programs. She holds national certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and has served as a co-facilitator for Northeastern University’s ASL Summer Symposium for the past ten years. She is an alumna of Northeastern’s ASL-English interpreting program and also earned her MEd in Deaf Education from Boston University. Angela has taught at Northeastern for ten years and is currently a full-time faculty member specializing in the area of ASL-English Interpreting. Angela is now serving as both assistant academic specialist and interim co-director of the ASL Program at Northeastern University.


Nicole Sasson

NICOLE SASSON completed her undergraduate work at the University of Rochester, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and allied field in American Sign Language. She went on to get her Master’s degree in Deaf Education from Boston University. She taught upper elementary, middle school and high school. Nicole continued her education, completing the Northeastern University interpreter training program. She has been a freelance interpreter ever since; working in various settings from post-secondary to medical. For four years, she was also a staff interpreter at Boston Arts Academy and she now works as a staff interpreter at a Boston school for the Deaf. She holds CI, NIC and EIPA certification.

Nicole is a practicum supervisor for interpreting students, teacher of interpreting, and has served as a co-facilitator for Northeastern University’s Summer Symposium for the past ten years.