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A liberal arts education in today’s contemporary world should include global perspectives and in-depth connections with other cultures and nations. Through study abroad programs, research assistantships all over the world, and dynamic programming linking students to international dialogue in more than 20 other countries, students in the ASL Program have ample opportunity to engage with the global community.


The award-winning Dialogue of Civilizations program takes Northeastern students of all majors around the world to experience different cultures first hand through meetings and discussions. The faculty-led Dialogue of Civilizations is an intensive series of two-to five-week summer for-credit programs in more than 20 different countries. Participants meet with government leaders, local groups, and students for one-on-one discovery. Participants may:

  • learn a new language by immersion;
  • take part in a service learning project;
  • conduct research; and/or
  • study a specific area of interest.


Traditional Study Abroad programs are available to students who wish to study in another country and transfer credit back to Northeastern. Students may choose to spend an entire year abroad through the Experiential Year Abroad program, an international experience option that provides students the opportunity to extend a traditional study abroad or Dialogue of Civilizations trip with a six-month international co-op.


Students can live, work, and conduct research in 90+ countries on an international co-op. International cooperative education is a great way for students to develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to feel comfortable anywhere in the world. The experience gained through an international co-op assignment is significantly broader and deeper than the experience offered in traditional foreign study programs. Employers include multinational corporations, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


For students embarking on an international co-op, the Presidential Global Scholars Program is a competitive grants program that provides up to 200 students annually with the financial means to work in another country. The Presidential Global Scholars and Presidential Global Fellows recognize outstanding students, and may require additional expectations to the international co-op, such as a capstone project, research paper, or reflective essay on students’ global leadership experience.