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Our Alumni

Cory Brunner

Class of 2000

I graduated magna cum-laude in 2000. Living in Waltham, Mass, I worked as the Administrative Assistant/ Staff Interpreter for the ASL Program at Northeastern University (Awesome job!) and freelanced part-time for 4 years. During my time as an NU staff member I passed the Massachusetts interpreter state screening, CI, CT and became an LTA for the RID written and performance exam. I also became a board member of MassRID serving 4 years as co-secretary.

In 2004 I moved to Vermont with my husband and began freelance interpreting full time (which I LOVE!!!). I am currently the workshop committee chair for VTRID. The American Sign Language Program gave me everything I needed and more to become a successful interpreter. The depth of the classroom experience and the overall program was/is incredible. The support that I found within the program is comparable to none. The opportunities for skill development, networking, and resume building while as a student are countless. The staff, which in my opinion is the most integral part of the program, provides an amazing learning and growing experience. The environment at the ASL Program fosters growth and development not only of one's ASL and Interpreting skills, but also in areas such as problem solving, time management and ethics. Coming to NU's ASL/ Interpreting program is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Melanie Girshick

Class of 2000

Hi, My name is Melanie and I graduated from the NU ASL/English Interpreting Program June of 2000. I was president of the Interpreting Club at Northeastern University (ICNU) for the academic year of 1998-99. I was fortunate enough to experience the program from Freshman thru Senior year with a phenomenal group of peers as well as staff members. I am currently CI, CT and NIC RID Certified. I am the President of NYC Metro RID 2006 part-time as staff for the New York City Department of Education as well as a part-time independent contractor.

Kristal Haynes

Class of 2000

I transferred to NU in 1998 after earning an AAS in Educational Interpreting from RIT/NTID. I spent two great years at NU as a student and three more as a staff interpreter. I count my memories and experiences at Northeastern among my most valued. My educational and professional experiences at Northeastern, which included a variety of mentoring opportunities, are what enabled me to attain my goal of returning home to VT to work as a community interpreter. I graduated from the Interpreter Training Program with my BS in ASL/English Interpreting in 2000, passed MA State Screening in 2001, attained CI in 2002 and CT in 2003. I am now working as a freelence interpreter in VT and have been working the past year as an interpreter in a high school. I had a daughter, Molly (in picture), this past February and am spending this summer interpreting some and hanging out with Molly a lot.

Sandra Nyear

Class of 2002

I graduated from Northeastern University in 2002 and I loved every minute of it! It provided me with a wonderful backbone to my interpreting profession. Currently I work as a freelance interpreter in the New York City and Long Island area, I have attained my dual certifications (CI/CT) and I am currently the President of the Long Island chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (LIRID). My experiences gained at NU truly motivated me to become an active member in the interpreting community.

Jackie Emmart

Class of 2005

Jackie Emmart initially registered for an ASL class just to fulfill her foreign language requirement. She entered NU with her sights set on working in television as a talk show hostess. She could have never imagined that less than two weeks after taking her first ASL 1 class, she would change her major and her career choice, all because of the instructional strategies seamlessly employed by her ASL teacher, Jim Lipsky. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunities she did while in the NU interpreting program. She and her classmates became very close as they navigated the challenges and celebrated the successes of language development and learning to interpret between two very different cultures. She spent many hours volunteering for the ASL Program as a Marie Jean Philip ASL Poetry, Storytelling and Deaf Art Competition Student Coordinator and for the DeafBlind Contact Center as a Support Service Provider. Knowing the value that each of these experiences had in shaping her as a practitioner, if she had to do it all over again, she’d gladly spend many more hours supporting the success of these programs. It was through her volunteer efforts that she was led to become a Student Representative at the national conferences of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers – both experiences served to build her network of future colleagues exponentially!

The Program was rigorous, and expected a lot out of its students. Every faculty member shared the belief that they would do everything they could to impart knowledge in the classroom, but that the application of theories, and opportunities to practice, could only happen in the Deaf community and among interpreters. When working with language and culture, true understanding can only come when among the people of the culture who share that language.

Toward the end of her program, Jackie started working as an Executive Assistant at DEAF, Inc., a local non-profit that supports the self-determination of Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, and late-deafened individuals in eastern Massachusetts. Shameless plug: if you’re going to be a student at NU, look up DEAF, Inc. and find a way to support their mission. You’ll be glad you did.

Jackie graduated from the NU interpreter education program in 2005 and hit the ground running in the leadership arena. She served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and as Interim Region I Representative on the national RID Board of Directors. She received her MS in Leadership from NU in 2008, and continues to find opportunities for practical application without formal position. This includes co-coordinating and co-facilitating the Greater Boston StreetLeverage Discussion Group, a regular forum for critical and reflective discourse about the thought-provoking articles posted to StreetLeverage.com.

Jackie has been fortunate to learn from and work among some of the most talented interpreters the field has to offer, and believes in paying it forward. As such she has served as a practicum mentor since fall 2005, for three different ITPs. She is a part-time staff interpreter at Boston Children’s Hospital and also works in private practice, contracting in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Above all else, Jackie believes keeping ourselves accountable to the Deaf community, to our interpretations, and to one another will push us to bring our best selves to each assignment.

Maryann DiLuglio

Class of 2006

Hello! :) My name is Maryann and I love interpreting!!! I became passionate about American Sign Language back in high school, and then went on to Nassau Community College in Long Island, NY. I graduated Summa cum Laude in 2003 with an Associate’s degree in American Sign Language, and was encouraged to go to Northeastern for interpreting. I transferred into Northeastern's Interpreting program that following September where I graduated Magna cum Laude in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in ASL-English Interpreting. I moved home to Long Island after graduation where I now work for two agencies as a full time Freelance Interpreter. I am currently a member of the Publications and Fundraising committees for the Long Island chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (LIRID). There have already been countless times that I leave a job and say to myself "Thank God I went to Northeastern" The interpreting program is intense, thorough and worth every minute of your time. I cannot imagine being where I am today without this program and all of the fabulous professors and mentors that guided me along the way. Although you may not realize it when you are paying the tuition bill...the education you receive through this program is priceless :)

Grace Taylor

Class of 2013

Hello! My name is Grace Taylor and I am a graduate of Northeastern's ASL/English Interpreting program. Currently, I have passed the written part of the NIC and am working toward the performance part two. I work a variety of jobs including a full time Teacher's aid at Perkins School for the Blind in their Deafblind program, part time Independent living specialist with Deafblind adults, part time freelance interpreter and a part time respite worker for Deaf and Deafblind. I am also in graduate school working towards a degree in Moderate Special Needs Education.

I spend my free time volunteering for Deaf Blind Contact Center, cooking, going to ASL meet ups and talking walks with my mini dachshund, Cannoli.

Brittany Patten

Class of 2014

My name is Brittany Patten. I have spent most of my life in and around the deaf community; my younger sister was born deaf and attended TLC in Framingham, MA for most of her schooling. I became interested in interpreting at a young age, seeing my sister struggle to communicate in certain situations. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2014 with a double major in ASL/English Interpreting and Linguistics. I passed the written part of the NIC in June 2014 and am working towards the performance part now, doing freelance interpreting. I am also currently attending Harvard’s Graduate School of Education to obtain my Ed.M in Language and Literacy. NU’s ASL interpreting program helped me to develop my ASL skills as well as my skills as an interpreter. My three and a half years at NU was a great experience!