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Our Students

Gil Gipson

Senior, American Sign Language/English Interpreting, Psychology

Hey guys! My name is Gil Gipson and I am currently a Senior in the Interpreting Program majoring in both American Sign Language and Psychology. Originally entering this school as a Psych major with sights on Med School, my career trajectory quickly changed course when I took an ASL 1 class my first semester. After learning more about the language, culture, and community, I knew that ASL and Interpreting were my future. With the unique combined majors already established here at Northeastern, I was able to incorporate both of my passions in a way that satisfied all university requirements as well as what I wanted to get out of both programs. Without this school, there is no way I would have found this career path nor would I be equipped with the unique skill set that I've received via my amazing instructors, the ASL Program, the university, and the Boston Deaf Community. Outside of class, I am a tutor for the ASL program, volunteer around the city, and work at Northeastern's ASL Office. I also enjoy cooking, caffeine consumption, and disproportionate dogs. In the future I hope to go through the certification process and interpret in the mental health field. Eventually I plan on going to grad school for Clinical Psychology with the hope of opening a Private Practice catered to the Deaf Community, using ASL.

Liv Mabrey

Senior, American Sign Language/English Interpreting

Hey everyone! My name is Liv and I'm currently a senior in the ASL Interpreting Program. Coming into this program as a transfer student in 2011, I could have never anticipated the unconditional support, motivation and encouragement that I have received from the ASL staff/faculty, my classmates, as well as the local Deaf Community. I'm ecstatic to say this has been and continues to be the most exhilarating and rewarding growing and learning experience of my life! In my free time I enjoy taking photos, designing, running, working out, eating tacos, and exploring!

Julie Donnelly

Junior, American Sign Language/English Interpreting

Hello! My name is Julie and I am currently a Junior in the ASL/English Interpreting Program. I am originally from Framingham, Massachusetts. When I entered Northeastern in fall 2013, I had very little concept of what I wanted to do with my future, but I had taken an ASL class in my hometown and took a leap of faith as I declared my major. Three years later, I am happier than I ever could have hoped. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow not only as an ASL student, but also as a whole person; the staff and students create such a wonderfully supportive environment that has quickly become my home; I have found friends, mentors, and role models who not only encourage me every day, but challenge me to improve. The program here has given me the opportunity to complete experiential learning through the coop program, and volunteering, hold leadership positions within the Interpreting Club (ICNU), and build relationships within the Boston Deaf community. In my free time, I enjoy exploring Boston through brunch, reading, and kickboxing.

Felix Reyes

Freshman, American Sign Language/English Interpreting, Behavioral Neuroscience

Hi everyone! My name is Felix and I am currently a Freshman from Long Island, NY majoring in both both American Sign Language Interpreting and Behavioral Neuroscience. I began learning ASL while in high school, volunteered with Millneck Manor School for the Deaf, and by graduation, knew I wanted to make Interpreting my career. I could never imagined all of the support and knowledge I have received from the ASL professors, staff, fellow students, and co-workers in the ASL Office. Since coming to Boston last semester, the program has expanded my vocabulary as I continue to learn signs used in Boston and various parts of the country. When I am not doing homework or recording myself for ASL classes, I enjoy running along the Charles, eating Ben & Jerry's, drinking caffeine of any kind, exploring Boston, and taking too many pictures (at least that's what I've been told). I'm looking forward to Co-op and Interpreting classes soon!