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Beyond campus, professor cares for his animals and organic orchard

Photo of Ted Moss feeding a goat

Ted Moss—associate teaching professor of English at Northeastern—describes life on his hobby farm in Hingham, Massachusetts.

It was Aug. 26, 2014, and Ted Moss couldn’t sleep. It was a hot, humid evening, and the first that he and his husband, Nick Macke, were spending in their new home in Hingham, Massachusetts. But neither the lack of air conditioning nor the anxiety of living in a new space was what kept him stirring. It was the sheer excitement, the anticipation of what his new life would bring.

Moss—associate teaching professor of English at Northeastern—now owned a hobby farm with an orchard and a crew of animals including ducks, chickens, goats, geese, bunnies, and even bees. He couldn’t wait for morning, when he’d take the animals out for the first time and begin forming bonds with them as their new caretaker.

“I was so excited. We both were,” Moss recalls. “You think through the excitement of what it could be, and what it already is. We were taking pictures all day. ‘They’re ours now. I live here,’ I thought. ‘This is my wacky life.’”

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