Bike Lanes and Bike Safety in Boston

April 2015


bike-lane-effectsA new analysis that combines BARI data on bicycle accidents with data from Runkeeper on individual bike rides and city data on the location of bicycle lanes found that “collision rates are lower in bike lanes.” Prepared by individuals from by individuals at Vermontster LLC, a Boston-based design firm, the analyses also found that city should consider adding more bike lanes on Blue Hill Avenue, Columbus Avenue and Huntington Avenue, three streets that had particularly high collison-to-trip ratios.

Click here to see the analyses as well as an interactive map showing the combined data.

In addition, BARI-supported research on bicycle accidents was cited in several articles about the death of a cyclist in August 2015 at an intersection the research had shown to be one of the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in the city.

Click here for an interview with Dahianna Lopez, a PhD student in health policy at Harvard University who created the bicycle accident database that appeared on the WBUR-FM website

Click here for an article citing the dataset that appeared in The Boston Globe.

Published On: April 1, 2015 |
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