BARI Receives National Science Foundation Grant for Data Portal

BARI has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to construct the Boston Portal to Data and Analysis Tools (P–>DAT), an expansion of BARI’s Boston Data Portal. The project will integrate data from a variety of sources, from large-scale administrative data to mobile phone data, across time and space in order to develop analytic tools that transform them into research-ready forms. Consistent with BARI’s mission to support a thriving civic data ecosystem in greater Boston, the portal will include an interactive platform through which the data can be explored, mapped, and downloaded by visitors. By offering users a real-time window into the social, behavioral, and economic dynamics of the city, the portal hopes to support a broad range of questions in urban science and policy posed by the broader community of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. Over the course of the grant, BARI will continue to lead community-based trainings in the use of the Boston Data Portal for community organizations and public agencies. Contact for more information.


The grant, submitted by BARI Co-Directors Dan O’Brien, Robert J, Sampson, and Christopher Winship in collaboration with Marta Gonzalez (MIT), David Lazer (Northeastern University), and Mario Luis Small (Harvard University), was awarded as part of the NSF’s program on Resource Implementations for Data Intensive Research (RIDIR). For more information on the NSF grant and other award recipients, see the full press release here.

Published On: December 1, 2016 |
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