Keynotes 2017

Thursday, March 9th


Address: Ben Levine, Executive Director, MetroLab Network

Ben’s talk will focus on city-university partnerships and the trend toward applied urban science and experimentation. It will cover the activities underway across MetroLab Network, a group of 40 city- and county-university partnerships focused on research, development, and deployment (RD&D) projects that offer technologically- and analytically-based solutions for challenges facing urban areas: inequality in income, health, mobility, security and opportunity; aging infrastructure; and environmental sustainability and resiliency.

Friday, March 10th


Panel: Data & Society: Boston in the National Context



Evan Horowitz, Data Journalist, Boston Globe
Sandy Pentland,Professor of Media Arts & Sciences, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Director, MIT
Andrew Therriault, Chief Data Officer, Department of Innovation and Technology, City of Boston


Moderator: Robert J. Sampson, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Harvard University


The panelists will discuss in turn the emerging role of data from the perspective of the public sector, academia, and journalism, with a particular focus on how they are manifest in Boston. This will lead to a general conversation with the moderator and the audience about the potential created by these interlocking themes and their interaction with other national trends surrounding data.