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Co-op Pathways

Aeverie Polintan
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS
Juan Gallego
Political Science, BS
Laura Packard '19
English, BA
Martin Narciso
BS, Criminal Justice
Christian Triunfo
English/Communication Studies, BA
Aja Watkins '17
BS, Philosophy
Reza Akhtar
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS
Monica Marotta
American Sign Language, BS
Isabella Carlsson '18
BS, Economics/Philosophy
Jackson Golden '15
Cultural Anthropology, BS
Betzamel Lopez '16
Economics, BS
Paige Welch
Spanish, BA
Anthony Collins
African American Studies, BS
Aidan McLaughlin
American Sign Language, BS
Rose Leopold
Political Science, BS, Security and Resilience Studies, MS
Larissa Witte
International Affairs, BA
Dodi Feldman
BS, Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice, MS
Jacob Fishman '17
JD/MS, Law and Public Policy
Anne Pinkham
Political Science/International Affairs, BA
Kimberly Dinehart '17
History, BA