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Collaborative Research: SAI-R: Dynamical Coupling of Physical and Social Infrastructures: Evaluating the Impacts of Social Capital on Access to Safe Well Water

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The research team hopes to demonstrate the ways that higher levels of trust and interaction can build more resilient societies. They are interested in the ways that social ties—the connections that bind us to other residents of our communities and to decision-makers—alter the ways that we get through and recover from shocks. They are especially interested in well water pollution and quality and access after hurricanes. The team will be evaluating the impacts of social capital and access to safe well water.

Collaborators and Funders

  • Daniel Aldrich, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
  • Ryan Qi Wang, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Research Director on Social Media, Boston Area Research Initiatives
  • Kelsey Pieper, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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