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In conversation with Dr. Adrienne Keene

Following her well-attended talk at Northeastern in January, Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation), Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies, Brown University sat down with Dr. Ellen Cushman (Cherokee Nation), Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, to continue the conversation on native identity, native appropriations, and settler colonialism. In a series of video clips, you can hear more about Dr. Keene’s insights on Native rights and contemporary Native culture, as well as her views on supporting other movements.

On Cultural Appropriations: https://youtu.be/cQIEMsQarPA

On Native Identity: https://youtu.be/nJy8aU1Jafg

On Settler Colonialism: https://youtu.be/NOBsJnIkVnc

On Native Appropriations and Native Identity: https://youtu.be/itMuHvUSnuI

On Supporting Other Movements:https://youtu.be/RcsH44tdRpY

On White Allies: https://youtu.be/C_7iMu7JDrw

Published On: April 18, 2017 |
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