Ellen Cushman on Inventing Writing

Professor Ellen Cushman, Chair of Civic Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives Advisory Council, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Diversity, and Inclusion (CSSH), Dean’s Professor of Civic Sustainability and Professor of English, and a Cherokee Nation citizen joined Dan Cohen in Episode 5 of the What’s New Podcast. What’s New is hosted by Dan Cohen, Dean of Libraries and Vice Provost for Information Collaboration at Northeastern University. It is produced by Thomas Bary and engineered by Jonathan Iannone in Snell Library’s Recording Studios, with assistance from the Library’s Podcast Team: Evan Simpson, Debra Mandel, Jon Reed, Debra Smith, Sarah Sweeney, and Brooke Williams. In Episode 5, titled “Inventing Writing”, Ellen Cushman explains how the Cherokee language was one of hundreds of indigenous languages in America prior to the arrival of Europeans. It is also one of the few languages that has made the transition from a completely oral tradition to a specific written form, through the use of an entirely new set of characters created by one citizen of the Cherokee Nation. You can listen to it here:

Published On: January 25, 2018 |
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