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Congratulations on the success of the NU Global Health Initiative (NUGHI) 2018!

Congratulations on the success of the NU Global Health Initiative (NUGHI), held Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at Northeastern University. The first student-led conference of its type welcomed more than 200 attendees, including leading experts from major institutions and students across campuses.

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The two keynote speakers at the conference featured Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine; and Dr. James Cusack, MD, Director of the Peritoneal Surface Malignancy (HIPEC) Program and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. This year’s conference workshops focused on five areas: global and planetary health, access and equity, innovations in global health, antimicrobial resistance and pandemic preparedness, and synthesis on how students can become global health change-makers. During the two-day conference, ten workshops were hosted with a total of thirty speakers in the global health field. Students were able to learn and share thoughts about global health issues and engage with leaders in the field through an interactive global health games session and networking opportunities.

NUGHI Steering Committees: (Left to right) Francesca Giorgianni; Adriell Louis; Stephanie Stumbur; Kritika Singh; Hugh Shirley. Photo Credit to NUGHI

NUGHI is led by Kritika Singh, a third-year bioengineering student at Northeastern, with four Northeastern undergraduate students from different majors. Singh was one of 4 NU students to receive the Goldwater Scholarship Spring 2018 and is also the founder of Malaria Free World, a nonprofit to promote research and education about the disease. The idea for the NU Global Health Initiative and the conference was originated by Singh in Spring 2017, and it emerged through discussions in a class in Spring 2018 taught by Dr. Richard Waimai, Associate Professor of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies and Co-leader of the Integrated Initiative for Global Health.  To learn more about the conference, please visit News @Northeastern and their social media @NUGHIOfficial on Facebook.

The conference reflects collective efforts across the university to address pressing social concerns and enhance the culture of inclusion through engaging students and faculty from different disciplines in global health. The College of Social Science and Humanities was pleased to cosponsor the conference with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships and the University Scholars Program. The conference was also supported by a faculty group Advisory Council from across colleges including School of Law, the University Scholars Program, Department of Health Sciences, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Social Impact Lab, and Cultures, Societies and Global Studies Program at Northeastern University.

Student Discussion in an interactive Workshop: Tackling Global Health Crises

Left: Ranjini Ghosh; Middle: Professor Richard Wamai; Right: Hugh Shirley

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