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CSSH Circle the World!

CSSH Circle the World, a series of events hosted by CSSH Circle (Creating International Relationships through Collaboration, Leadership and Experience), offers opportunities for critical discussion among international and globally minded CSSH students. All undergraduate students from across the college are welcomed to explore countries, regions and cultures through media, food and shared experiences. The events are hosted every 4th Friday of the month during Spring 2019. The theme of the February event was Southeast Asia. Other Circle the Worlds include India and the Holi celebration on March 22 and the Caribbean on April 5.

Three undergraduate students and mentors of the program, Lyon Li, Marisa Switzman, and Sydney Kimbrough shared their global co-op and study abroad experiences in Southeast Asia countries with other participants. Marisa, majoring in English, presented her global co-op program experience in Vietnam. For Marisa, CSSH Circle the World provides a good opportunity to meet with her peer students, and for students to learn about and seek advice for the global co-op and study abroad programs available on campus. The presentation was followed by the other two mentors, Lyon (Economics) and Sydney (Political Science and Business), who shared their study and work experiences in Hong Kong and Zhuhai, China.


What participants of the CSSH Circle the World – Southeast Asia said:

Getting to hear from and connect with students sharing global experiences was fun, interesting, and welcoming. Though everyone attending had different global experiences, we all had at least one travel and/or life experience in common. Sharing this through discussion was valuable and formed connections with new people I wouldn’t have otherwise come across in the College.

–Shayla Sandoval, International Affairs and Economics Major, Chinese Minor, Business Administration Minor

Agata Rybalkiewicz, an academic advisor in CSSH, helps coordinate this event for CSSH Circle. For Agata, CSSH Circle is here to connect first-year international students with upperclass students to strengthen their support network during their time here.  “With Northeastern now moving towards a goal of 100% of students having some kind of global experience,” she said:

We are seeing that Circle the World and other events hosted by CSSH Circle create spaces for students to connect over global experiences. These connections are often between domestic and international students, and generate discussions which connect and inspire students to seek out additional intercultural experiences. I am excited to see how CSSH Circle will grow in the coming semesters.

CSSH serves a diverse student population and is dedicated to create and promote cultures of inclusion both on campus and abroad. As a college-wide community that connects first-year international students with student leaders in CSSH, CSSH Circle is part of the efforts to ensure an inclusive environment for students from the U.S. and abroad. For more information, see the CSSH Circle website, follow on facebook.com/csshcircle and instagram.com/csshcircle or contact Justin Repici, Academic Advisor at j.repici@northeastern.edu.

Published On: March 21, 2019 |
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