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Congratulations to the Successful 2019 WGSS Symposium on Feminist Resilience

Sponsored by the Global Resilience Institute and the Northeastern Humanities Center, the Sixth Annual Women’s History Month Symposium was hosted by the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGSS) on Friday, March 15, 2019, at John D. O’Bryant African American Institute. This year’s symposium welcomed participants from Boston-area institutions to discuss the hidden premises and ideological biases of Resilience Studies.

The event started at 9:45 am followed with welcoming statements presented by Suzanna Walters, Director of WGSS,  Uta Poiger, Dean of the CSSH, and Jennie Stephens, Director of SPPUA. During the presentation, Dean Poiger also applauded the continuing tenure of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society at Northeastern University. The daylong symposium presented three panels including “Women’s Leadership on Climate, Energy, and  Health”, “Unpacking the Resilience of Patriarchy”, and “Imagining (Real) Feminist Resilience”. Speakers included a mix of academics, activists, authors, and community organizers from around the nation. Throughout the day, the event promoted an active dialogue among all participants in a broad discussion of the limitations of resilience as a value and the contours of a feminist praxis of resilience.

The 2019 symposium reflected collective efforts across the college to address gender, resilience and other social issues, recognizing that women—often women of color—are consistently leaders in these spaces. The 2019 Symposium was co-sponsored by the School of Law; the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research; the Ethics Institute and the Department of Philosophy and Religion; the Program in Human Services; the Department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies and the African American Studies Program; as well as the Departments of English, History, Political Science, and Sociology & Anthropology.

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