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Pedagogy-in-Progress Series

The CSSH Pedagogy-in-Progress Series

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities Pedagogy-in-Progress series convenes faculty across the college for informal, energizing conversations about teaching challenges and opportunities. Topics have included facilitating Difficult Classroom Discussions, Designing Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environments, Proposing and Designing Courses for NUpath, and Incorporating Experiential Learning into Your Classroom.

Each year, the college hosts four sessions, two of which explicitly focus on issues of diversity and inclusion. All sessions are held in 310 Renaissance Park from noon—1:00pm, and lunch is provided. All members of the CSSH teaching community are welcome to attend.

Here are the sessions for 2018-2019:

03/18/2019  Diversity Series: Hidden Disabilities in the Classroom part 2:

In this Pedagogy in Progress, presenters will define and discuss hidden disabilities, highlighting legal, educational considerations and resources on campus. Through scenarios and discussion, presenters will identify emerging issues and showcase national trends, innovations and best practices. This panel will blend the perspectives of CSSH faculty, the Senior Director of the Disability Resource Center, and the CSSH Senior Coordinator of Student Support.  This workshop is a part of a series of conversations centered around the evolving classroom experiences in higher education.

January: When Instructor/Student Interactions Go Awry

April   New Perspectives on Teaching, featuring 2018-2019 Outstanding Teaching Award Winners


Past sessions (2017-2018):

03/14/2018  Teaching in the Age of Anxiety

10/11/2017  Diversity Series: Inclusive Classroom Dialogues around Timely Topics

Past sessions (2016-2017):

4/10/17  Talking Teaching with this Year’s Outstanding Teaching Award Winners

1/30/17  Teaching Gender, Race and Citizenship in the Time of Trump

2/6/17   Diversity Series: What Do You Do After Difficult Classroom Conversations?

9/21/16  Diversity Series: Mental Health Issues and Invisible Disabilities in the Classroom

11/10/16  Supporting Graduate Students as Writers

Questions about the Pedagogy-in-Progress Series may be directed to Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Experiential Education, Laura Green at la.green@northeastern.edu or 616-373-4544.