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Mentoring and Development

Undergraduate Peer Mentors

Located within academic departments, CSSH Peer Mentors are upper-class students who work with 5-10 incoming first-year students within their majors. Each department’s peer mentoring program looks a bit different, but the goals are the same:

  1. Helping first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their departments
  2. Providing peer support during a student’s first and second semester on campus
  3. Easing new students’ transition to college life through peer guidance
  4. Introducing and helping new students to navigate opportunities on campus and in Boston
  5. Building department and college community
  6. Providing examples of curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning pathways by sharing your experiences

For more information, see the CSSH Peer Mentoring website or contact Mikhaela Kinlock at m.kinlock@northeastern.edu.

CSSH Circle

CSSH Circle is part of the undergraduate peer mentoring program and a college-wide community connecting first-year international students with upper-class leaders. The goal is Creating International Relationships through Collaboration, Leadership and Experience (Circle). For more information, see the CSSH Circle website or contact Justin Repici, Academic Advisor at j.repici@northeastern.edu.

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentoring is a proactive process designed to facilitate the success of faculty members. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities continues its initiative to further the mentoring of faculty members.

Responsibility of Mentors include:

Staff Initiatives

The CSDI Advisory Council works in conjunction with the CSSH Staff Advisory Council to further staff development within the college. Initiatives include fostering an inclusive work environment, providing resources for development, and strengthening the staff community. For more information, contact Matt Tobin at m.tobin@northeastern.edu or Gayle Mackay at g.mackay@northeastern.edu.