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Shaya Gregory Poku: Peace and Social Justice Week

For Shaya Gregory Poku, the Program Director for Northeastern’s Social Justice Resource Center (SJRC), the last week of September is an ideal time to engage students early on in the semester in recognition of the UN International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) observed around the world each year on 21 September…
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Nicole Aljoe: Supporting Women of Color in Academia

Dr. Nicole N. Aljoe, former CSDI Advisory Council Member and Associate Professor of English and African American Studies, along with Dr. Barbara Guthrie, Professor of Nursing and Director of the PhD Program at NU’s School of Nursing were instrumental in organizing the Women of Color in the Academy Conference held at Northeastern on Friday, February 10, 2017…
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Shakir Mustafa: Turning to Art in the Wake of the Election Results

For Dr. Shakir Mustafa, a teaching professor of Arabic and former CSDI Advisory Council Member, the current election results evoke several missteps by the Bush Administration that ended up with the destruction of his country of origin, Iraq, and opening the door for one of the most brutal terror organizations. To deal with the results, Dr. Mustafa turned to art and created a wood sculpture that reflects division, uneven lots, and diminishing equality. ..
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Campus MovieFest: Imaginary Lines

A nom­inee for Best Pic­ture in Campus MovieFest 2015, Imag­i­nary Lines explores issues around the trans­gender com­mu­nity. Read more