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Dear applicant:

We are a new unit with a unique set of offerings that will be growing in reach and depth. We encourage all interested candidates to contact us for personalized guidance on application, degree design and career paths. Our understanding of the changing global workplace and the challenges facing human societies allows us to be open to students looking to create their own personalized paths through higher education and professional development. Hence we encourage you to think outside of the box and to contact us with proposals for any number of possible combined majors.

Are you a Northeastern student looking for a language course?

Students pursuing a BA at Northeastern are required to take three language courses. The first two courses are language courses (1101 & 1102); the third course can either be a language course (2101) or a linked literature, culture or cinema course.

Check out what courses you can take with us in our Course Offerings. 

Please visit the REGISTRAR for course descriptions and official requirements.


Africana Studies, BA

Africana Studies, BS

American Sign Language, BS

Asian Studies, BA

Spanish, BA

Combined Majors

History and Asian Studies, BA

Religious Studies and Africana Studies, BA

Spanish and International Affairs, BA

American Sign Language and Human Services, BA

American Sign Language and Linguistics, BA

American Sign Language and Psychology, BS

American Sign Language and Theatre, BS