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We have an exciting minor (or two) for every student at Northeastern:

Our department has the largest selection of minors at Northeastern. Indeed we are your gateway to the languages and peoples of the world!

Minors in our department are precision instruments to temper the pursuit of trans-cultural knowledge and inter-disciplinary skills. They are key and indispensable components in your educational portfolio as you train to become a global citizen. Every student, regardless of their major, should consider doing a minor in a second language and/or in the cultures of the major geo-strategic areas of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.

You should select your minors strategically, thinking both of how they complement your major and add to your linguistic, cultural and technical skill set. As such, a minor should not be an afterthought but rather a well thought out and proactive choice. Sign up now to let your world grow in the most interesting and rewarding manner possible!

To declare a minor in our college, click HERE.

Culture-based Minors

African Studies

African-American Studies

East Asian Studies (with option to select a language-based track)

Film And International Culture

Latino/a, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies

Language-based Minors

American Sign Language











Language Placement Testing
Please contact the World Languages Center with questions about Language Placement Testing.

French and Spanish: please click HERE to start the exam. Your password is huskies1 (no spaces between the word and number).
American Sign Language: please contact the ASL Department: 617-373-3064 / nuaslprogram@gmail.com
Any other language: please contact the World Languages Center: 617-373-3131 / wlc@northeastern.edu

Students placing at any level above the elementary 1 level should contact the World Language Center straight away at b.rastingsera@northeastern.edu to seek assistance with their registration.

Please visit the REGISTRAR for course descriptions and official requirements.