Part-time Faculty

Barbara Corbett
A native of Revere, Massachusetts, Barbara received her Ph.D. in Latin American history from Princeton University in 1997. Her research and writing has been in the field of 19th-century Mexico and in particular on the shape and meanings of citizenship in the early republic. After working for seven years at Amherst College, Barbara relocated to the Boston area where she has been teaching for the past 20 years. She has taught courses on all areas of Latin American history and culture, as well as on Spanish culture and literature. She is an experienced academic translator with numerous publications in scholarly volumes. She is also on the editorial staff of the Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana, a leading journal in the field of Latin American literature and cultural studies.

Jennifer Cullen
Jennifer Cullen has a PhD in Modern Japanese Literature from UCLA and is the author of “A Comparative Study of Tenko: Sata Ineko and Miyamoto Yuriko” (2010), “A Blank Page: The Canonization of Higuchi Ichiyo” (2015), and Writing Purity: The Rise of Virginity as a Literary Concern in Modern Japan (2015). She is currently an adjunct professor of Japanese Popular Culture and Film at Northeastern University.

Eric Jackson
Professor of African American Studies

Alice Sedar
Alice Sedar teaches French Culture at Northeastern University. Before teaching French Culture, Journalism and Communication courses in the US and in France, she had been a reporter/editor based in Paris, working for French and American national news organizations for 20 years. Alice covered French, European and American politics, society, economy and culture for “Le Figaro”, as well as being its special correspondent in Washington DC, after 9/11. She also wrote a weekly column on the international art market for the daily “Le Monde”. She began her journalism career at the Los Angeles Times Paris bureau, NBC-News and CBS-News in France. Her interests ranged from criminal trials, identity issues to societies in transition, and dealing with a troublesome past. In her classroom, Alice uses comparative perspectives and her real-life experience to give students an understanding of foreign cultures.
Alice is a Ph.D candidate in Communication Studies (ABD) from La Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has a master in Languages and Civilizations (English and Spanish) from La Sorbonne and a master in “Culture and Visual Arts in the Anglo-Saxon World” from the University of Paris – Diderot. The focus was on identity construction and museum exhibits in the US, France and Germany. In spring 2015, Alice completed Harvard Extension School’s one-year-program to become a Life Coach for students/young adults.