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Spanish and IAF BA learning outcomes

Explain global affairs and international issues since the 19th century through diverse and cross-disciplinary theories of: (1) Interstate relations: conflict, cooperation, hierarchies; (2) Civil society, transnational advocacy networks, global social movements; and (3) the politics of culture, linguistic and cultural diversity, religious and ideological divides; (4) State-society relations: democracy, authoritarianism, inequalities, citizenship.

Develop research skills by writing a research paper that has: (1) posed research questions based on appropriate primary and secondary sources and; (2) applied and interpreted data to draw conclusions.

Apply experiential education to the discipline by acquiring language proficiency, cultural competence, regional expertise, and practical knowledge through Dialogues of Civilization, co-ops, internships, and/or study abroad and be able to reflect on the experiential education and make connections to coursework.

Critically analyze and compare: (1) relevant texts and other media and; (2) evidence, arguments, and competing paradigms/theories.

Challenge assumptions and values that underlie claims about international affairs, cultural boundaries and ideological divergence, inclusion and exclusion.