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The Fund for Unanticipated Expenses is intended to ensure that all CSSH majors whose home college is CSSH are able to participate in experiential and classroom learning and co- and extracurricular activities, when encountering financial challenges.  Funds are available to students experiencing immediate, unanticipated, one-time needs that exceed their resources. They are not intended to support recurring or daily expenses such as rent, meal plans, university tuition and fees, medical insurance or continuing care, or transit.

Examples of needs for which funds might be available include (but are not limited to):

  • Emergencies, such as temporary loss of income or shortfalls in basic needs (food, shelter, clothing); travel for family or other emergencies;
  • Academic support, such as purchase of required course materials or repair to devices needed for academic work
  • Student involvement, such as costs (food, travel, equipment) associated with organized social or student group activities.

Application process:

  • Applications will be confidentially reviewed in the CSSH dean’s office.
  • Decisions will be communicated no more than approximately 10 work days after the application is received.
  • Funding will not be approved if it would adversely affect financial aid.
  • Students may apply more than once for funding.
  • Funding is not guaranteed.

Applicants may also be referred to other or additional sources of help on campus. Our goal is to connect you with all available resources to support your well-being and success.

Funding for Unanticipated Expenses

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please be as specific as possible. (For example, if requesting funding for books or other classroom supplies, please include the full name of the books and the class; if for a student activity, please include the name of the NU or other organization and nature of the activity.)