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COVID-19, the Economy and Childcare: A Conundrum

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What about Childcare?

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on just about every aspect of life. And now, as the future of the economy and the workforce remains up in the air, the plausibility of childcare options and schools reopening poses a giant question mark. 

Survey Says

Recently, Prof. Alicia Sasser Modestino conducted a survey (not yet published) of 2,557 working parents between May 7 and June 22. While juggling the demands of their jobs and homes, and while caring for their children during the week, parents lost an estimated eight hours of work time. Additionally, about 13% of the survey participants had to either reduce their hours or leave their jobs entirely in order to care for their children.

Future Plans for Childcare

Looking forward, Prof. Modestino and her research colleagues plan to touch base with survey participants on their summer and fall plans for childcare. In a nutshell, as the pandemic unfortunately remains for the foreseeable future, the U.S. needs safe, affordable childcare options as soon as possible to effectively move the economy forward.

Media Mentions of Prof. Sasser Modestino’s Work

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