Myra Kraft Open Classroom

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Spring 2020: Climate Change: A Course for Everyone

This spring’s Myra Kraft Open Classroom series is intended to promote climate change education, resilience, and action. We will examine the basic science of climate change, its local and global impacts on the natural world, the built environment, and humankind, and strategies for preventing its worst outcomes while preparing for those we can no longer avoid. Our panels will include faculty experts, community practitioners, and youth leaders. Throughout the course, we will center the experiences of vulnerable communities already threatened by climate change and issues related to the ethical and equitable distribution of resources to address it. Starting January 8, 2020, sessions are every Wednesday during the spring semester from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in West Village F, Room 20, Northeastern University. More Info


Fall 2019: Media Influence on the Primaries

This fall’s Myra Kraft Open Classroom series will focus on media influence on the primaries. You won’t want to miss this relevant series with the 2020 election season right around the corner. Starting September 11, 2019, sessions are every Wednesday during the fall semester from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in West Village F, Room 20, Northeastern University. More Info


Fall 2018: Newsroom Confidential—Inside the Media, Politics and Policy

Where is America headed in the 2018 midterm elections—and beyond?

Go inside the nation’s newsrooms as they cover the midterm elections and gear up for 2020. Guest speakers from political campaigns and advocacy groups will join reporters and editors from The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, Fox News, and BuzzFeed.

Is the media riddled with #fakenews or is the Trump Administration overreaching in its effort to control and influence the press? How do CNN and NPR, Fox News and the Washington Post, Buzzfeed and the Boston Globe decide what to report? How do politicians, the Koch Brothers and “the resistance” all try to influence what we read and watch—and how successful are they?

The midterm elections will throw the future of America’s agenda into sharp relief—not just who will control the House and the Senate but what to do about inequality, education, the environment, crime, the growth of cities like Boston, women’s rights, discrimination, and the #metoo movement. Is compromise possible on immigration? In the Middle East? How should the U.S. respond to the rise of China, and the threat of North Korea?

Led by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and director of Northeastern University’s School of Journalism Jonathan Kaufman and Dukakis Center head Theodore Landsmark, the Myra Kraft Open Classroom will feature top editors and reporters from around the country as well as advocates and expert professors giving an inside view of these increasingly turbulent times.

Confirmed media speakers include top editors and reporters from the Boston Globe, ProPublica, Bloomberg News, CNN, and WBUR. Topics will include:

Join us for a spirited conversation. Click here for the full schedule of events.

The Fall 2018 Myra Kraft Open Classroom is co-sponsored by Northeaster University’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Northeastern’s School of Journalism.

Published On: September 25, 2018