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It’s not just banks anymore.

It’s not just banks anymore. Democrats want to break up all kinds of big business.

The Washington Post   July 24, 2017
By Max Ehrenfreund

Economists have assembled compelling evidence that mergers in particular industries have caused prices to rise. In 2008, for example, the companies that brew Miller Lite and Coors Lite in the United States merged, and prices promptly soared from around $9.75 to around $10.40 for a 12-pack, economists found. Meanwhile, other popular beers, such as Corona Extra and Heineken, became cheaper.

Other studies have reached similar conclusions in sectors outside of beer — gasoline, dishwashers and more. Reviewing the evidence overall, John Kwoka, an economist at Northeastern University, has argued that regulators have been too lenient, failing to protect consumers from exploitation by major firms.

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