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Economics of Crime students present at annual Justice Studies meeting

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Eleven students from Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan's Economics of Crime course presented at the annual Justice Studies Association meeting. This year’s program featured diverse panels ranging from contemporary topics on policing, activism, and Covid19 to ongoing social justice-related issues, all of which embrace the conference theme of “Reclaiming Justice.”

On Thursday, June 3, Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan and nine students (Noah Alper, Alexis Baker, Stephen Bernard, Paolo Lichtenthal, Katherine Murphy, Jacklyn Peterson, Rayana Radueva, and Anthea Simon) discussed their paper “Race and Crime: Beyond Policing” at the opening panel of the annual Justice Studies Association meeting.

The paper will be submitted to the Contemporary Justice Review following the conference.

On Day 2, students Alexander Beaudry presented “Perceptions of Policing: An Evaluation of Two Communities in Massachusetts” and Pranav Olety presented “Playing God, Are you qualified?” at the closing panel.

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