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Sustainable Cape wins municipal bottle bans in every Cape Cod town

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“I would say most people want to make an impact. They know there are changes that need to be made. When they see an organization that is trying to make inroads on making those changes, they say, ‘OK, now I can contribute.'”

MADHAVI VENKATESAN, Cape cod times july 1, 2021
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Cape Cod Times

by Doug Fraser Cape Cod Times July 1, 2021

TRURO — The town meeting article passed on a voice vote with no debate. Not unusual. Town budgets in the tens of millions of dollars typically go that route.

Except this was a petitioned article, and those can ruffle the feathers of town officials or boards who bridle at outsiders, particularly those who don’t live in town, trying to tell them how to conduct business.

But — like in 14 other Cape towns — Truro voters Saturday supported the article that prohibited town departments from buying single-use plastic bottled beverages. The article also prohibited the sale of non-flavored, non-carbonated drinking water in single-use plastic containers on town property.

The vote wrapped up a campaign by the group Sustainable Practices that began in earnest two years ago. It marked the 15th and final Cape town to pass a similar petitioned article that, either as policy or as bylaw, banned municipal purchase and distribution of the ubiquitous bottle of water.

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