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New book by John Kwoka on recent antitrust cases in US and Europe

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"ANTITRUST ECONOMICS AT A TIME OF UPHEAVAL: Recent Competition Policy Cases on Two Continents" by Northeastern University's John Kwoka (Finnegan Professor of Economics), Professor Tommaso M. Valletti (Imperial College London) and Professor Lawrence J. White (New York University) has been published by Competition Policy International.

Antitrust Economics in a Time of Upheaval: Recent Competition Policy Cases on Two Continents– will be released next Tuesday August 1, from the publisher CPI Press.

This is a remarkable compendium of important cases from the EU, UK, and US.


“This book is a compendium of essays on U.S. and European antitrust cases by a stellar cast of competition scholars. The focus is on the important economic issues raised by recent enforcement actions. The essays cover a wide range of frontier topics in antitrust, including vertical mergers, acquisitions that eliminate potential competitors, harm to innovation, monopsony, no-poaching agreements, and competition policy for two-sided platforms. The essays are balanced and insightful. Taken together they are essential reading for anyone interested in the current state of international antitrust enforcement.” – Richard Gilbert, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

“Antitrust Economics at a Time of Upheaval is a refreshing comparative perspective on the role of economics in ways that are largely proenforcement and that consider the impact of new technologies. It is an excellent presentation of the view that antitrust need not abandon economics in order to fight anticompetitive practices effectively; to the contrary, economics provides the basic tools for supporting that fi ght. For example, effi ciencies must be proven, but they should be taken seriously. The same is true of predatory pricing. As the editors observe, new theories that either cabin or reject older Chicago-driven doctrine can be both economically rational and empirically robust.” – Herbert Hovenkamp, James G. Dinan University Professor, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

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