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Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan Receives EconEd Innovation Award

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Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan, Associate Teaching Professor of Economics, has been honored with the EconEd Instructor Innovation Award from MacMillan Learning. The EconEd Instructor Award was created to recognize innovation in the teaching of Principles of Economics. Dr. Venkatesan’s innovative life cycle project has been recognized for its impact on teaching sustainability and economic principles.

Congratulations to Dr. Venkatesan for this well-deserved recognition. Her dedication to sustainability in economic education is an inspiration to all.

Dr. Venkatesan’s innovative approach not only highlights the critical importance of value-oriented purchasing and investing but also enhances students’ grasp of economic theories such as the theory of the firm (which explores how businesses operate, make decisions, and interact with the market to maximize profits) and consumer behavior (how individuals make decisions to allocate their resources (time, money, effort) to purchase goods and services). The judges noted that the assignment has “empowered students to see the tangible impact of economic incentives on environmental outcomes, fostering a generation of informed consumers and future leaders who are passionate about sustainability.”

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