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In response to the new AEA Code of Conduct and concerns within the economics profession, this new student-led group aims to increase awareness and diversity within the field of economics among both faculty and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Funded by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, DIVERSEcon will host a seminar each semester that will feature speakers who will discuss their research as well as their career experiences. The goal is  to provide  strong  role  models  as well as  practical  knowledge  of  the  challenges  within  the  profession  and  strategies  that  others  have  found  effective  in  overcoming  career  hurdles.  This will be  followed  by  a  town  hall  style  question  and  answer  session  focused  on  discussing  issues  of diversity within  the  economics  profession  to  raise  awareness  and  formulate new  approaches that  can  be  implemented  on  campus.  Both  seminars  will  be  followed  by  an  informal  gathering  including  light  refreshments  during  which  students  and  faculty  can  network  and  socialize,  further  building  a  sense  of  community  and  mentorship.

The Fall 2019 event will take place on Wednesday, October 30 in 909 Renaissance Park and will feature a panel of  6-8 professionals discussing their education and career trajectories.   The seminar will be followed by a town-hall style discussion about ways to boost diversity within the field of economics as well as a reception for students and faculty.



The inaugural lecture took place on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 in Renaissance Park 909 and featured Maria Luengo-Prado as the speaker. Dr. Maria Luengo-Prado’s discussed her career as both an academic and government economist.  María José Luengo-Prado is a senior economist and policy advisor in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department and was a tenured associate professor in this department.





In addition, DIVERSEcon will collect data to track economics students and alumni and solicit ideas for improving diversity within the department.  The goal of these efforts would be to identify the underlying factors that inhibit greater diversity within the economics department and to bring forth recommendations that the department can act on to increase the representation of women, minority, and LGBTQ individuals within the field.  The intention is that the department will sustain these efforts beyond the duration of the grant to create a feedback loop that will provide a mechanism for continuous improvement in the area of diversity.

Contact:  Erica Smith Smith.e@husky.neu.edu


Faculty Advisor: Alicia Sasser ModestinoAssociate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Economics; Associate Director, Dukakis Center
Senior Co-Chair: Rachel Sederberg, Ph.D. Candidate in Economics
Junior Co-Chair: Erica Smith, B.S. Candidate in Economics

Advisory Board Members:
Jim Dana, Professor of Economics
Oscar Brookins, Associate Professor of Economics
Linnea Basu, Co-Op Coordinator, Department of Economics


Thank you to Erica Smith for providing the content for this page.