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Bilge Erten

Assistant Professor Bilge Erten’s paper, joint with Martina Metzger of the Berlin School of Economics and Law, “The real exchange rate, structural change, and female labor force participation” has been published in World Development.

Professor Erten’s paper “Trade Liberalization and Local Labor Market Adjustment in South Africa”, co-written with Jessica Leight and Fiona Tregenna,  has been published in the Journal of International Economics.

Exporting out of Agriculture: the Impact of WTO Accession on Structural Transformation in China” by Bilge Erten and Jessica Leight  has been accepted for publication at the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Bilge Erten’s paper, “Capital Controls: Theory and Evidence,” (with Anton Korinek and Jose Antonio Ocampo) has been accepted to the Journal of Economic Literature.

Catalina Herrera-Almanza

Recent research by NU Assistant Professor Catalina Herrera highlights the challenges faced by women in rural India in navigating fertility issues and family planning, including how a mother-in-law restricts women’s  mobility and social networks. The research is presented in the working paper, The Influence of Mothers-in-Law on Women’s Social Networks, Mobility, and Reproductive Health in India, co-written with S Anukriti (Boston College), Mahesh Karra (Boston University), and Praveen Pathak (Delhi University).The fieldwork for this study was primarily supported by a Northeastern University tier-1 grant with supplemental funding from the Human Capital Initiative at the Boston University Global Development Policy Center. Recently, the research was featured in CNN-18 and

John Kwoka

Professor John Kwoka’s article “The Structural Presumption and the Safe Harbor in Merger Review: False Positives or Unwarranted Concerns?,” was awarded one of the six Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund category awards for best antitrust articles.

The award was presented during the luncheon at the American Antitrust Institute’s 20th Annual Policy Conference on June 20, 2019 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Jun Ma

Jun Ma, Associate Professor of Economics, has been appointed Dean’s Leadership Fellow for Global Partnerships in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. In this new role, Jun Ma is working with colleagues across the Boston campus and Northeastern’s global campuses to bolster curricular coordination and visibility of the Master’s and certificate programs. In particular, Jun will work closely with colleagues at Northeastern’s Seattle campus and other nodes of the university’s network to expand offerings, grow enrollments in CSSH programs, and facilitate co-op and research partnerships. Moreover, he will help develop strategic partnerships in East Asia, and will serve as the CSSH representative on the university’s Global Rankings Committee.

Alicia Sasser-Modestino

Recently accepted publications:

“How Do Summer Youth Employment Programs Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes, and for Whom?” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Modestino, A., Shoag, D., & Ballance, J. 2019. Upskilling: Do Employers Demand Greater Skill When Workers Are Plentiful? Listed under Just Accepted May 29. Review of Economics and Statistics.

Modestino, A., Sederberg, R.†, & Tuller, L.† 2019. Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Coaching: Evidence from the Boston Youth Credit Building Initiative. Accepted May 27. Journal of Consumer Affairs, pp. 1-58.

Brigid, K., Modestino, A., Gass, J., Kuerer, H., Margenthaler, J., Boolbol, S., Dietz, J., & Manahan, E. 2019. The 2018 Compensation Survey of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. Accepted June 4. Annals of Surgical Oncology, pp. 1-30.

Modestino, A., Ladge, J., & Sugiyama, K. 2019. Careers in Construction: An Examination of the Career Narratives of Young Professionals and Their Emerging Career Self-Concepts. Accepted May 17. Journal of Vocational Behavior, pp. 1-56.

Modestino, A. 2019. How Do Summer Youth Employment Programs Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes, and for Whom? Journal of Public Policy Analysis and Management, 38(3): 600-628.

Modestino, A., & Paulsen, R.† 2019. Reducing Inequality Summer by Summer: Lessons from the Boston Summer Youth Employment Program Survey. Evaluation Program and Planning, 72: 40-53.

Imke Reimers

Assistant Professor Imke Reimers was a visiting scientist in the junior research group “Competition and Innovation” at the ZEW-Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research  from May 6 to 17, 2019. During her stay she worked together with ZEW scientist Bernhard Ganglmairon research questions on the topics of knowledge transfer and innovation through patents and business secrets. Professor Reimers also lectured on the Digital Challenges for the Book Market and the Google Books Project in the ZEW Research Seminar Digitization and Demand for Physical Works: Evidence from the Google Books Project .

Assistant Professor Imke Reimer’s paper “The Impacts of Telematics on Competition and Consumer Behavior in Insurance” with Benjamin R. Shiller (Assistant Professor of Economics, Brandeis University) has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Law and Economics.

Ivan Petkov

Assistant Professor Ivan Petkov’s paper, co-written with Francesco Giavazzi and Fabio Schiantarelli, “Culture, Persistence and Evolution” has been accepted in the Journal of Economic Growth.

Madhavi Venkatesan

Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan‘s latest book Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work for All, has been released. This book, co-written with Giuliano Luongo discusses how economic growth is measured and the impact this has had on women in terms of pay equity; how the measurement of economic growth has contributed to the global lack of sustainable development.