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Interested in collaborating with an Econ faculty member on research? Consider reaching out to them about submitting a Radivonyk Fund research proposal!

The Radivonyk Fund is intended to support undergraduate and PlusOne research in the Department.
Deadlines are (April 25 for the current round, with notifications April 28), and are relatively simple and straightforward. A key goal is the initiation of research collaborations between students and faculty which turn into applications to college URI awards and university PEAK awards.

Applying to the Economics Department Radivonyk Fund

Faculty member and student prepare a joint proposal comprising:
1 page of narrative (single spaced, 12-point font) of

  • Description of research project
  • Tasks to be completed by student
  • Details of faculty supervisory role (important)
  • Deliverables (strongly suggested that deliverables include a plan to apply to the university PEAK awards in a later semester) ​along with tentative dates
  • Budget, where funding can be used to pay pay wages, stipend, or buy data/supplies

Proposal should be signed by student and faculty member, and emailed to the committee via Katie Thorp (
Deadline is April 25; decisions will be made April 28. Funding will be administered by the Department.

Here is an introductory video related to the award and opportunities for other research funding and the related PowerPoint presentation . If you have any questions, please direct them to the members of the Undergraduate Research Committee (copy all members in your correspondence).
For funded projects, at the conclusion of the funding period the faculty advisor is required to provide a summary of the status of the research project and any next steps. Students will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.