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Senior Capstone 2021

The Legalization of Cannabis: A selective literature review

Abstract: This selective literature review highlights the motivation behind the prohibition and legalization of cannabis in the United States. It analyzes a small portion of the literature available on the subject, focusing on the propagandized prohibition and the economic costs of prohibition, while finally reviewing recent literature regarding the slow creep of state-by-state legalization. The conclusion is aligns with the use of prohibition as a tool of oppression focused specifically toward minority and impoverished communities. This review suggests that, while a state referendum option to legalize cannabis is being sought primarily to generate additional state revenue, the positive referenda results are indicative of changing national attitudes towards the drug. The discussion concludes with the conundrum of the basis of the illegal and legal status of cannabis and its disproportionate historical impact and recommendations for policy action.

Daniel is a member of the 2021 graduating class with a B.S. in Economics. During his time at Northeastern University, he has been on the management team of the Economics Society and IDEA Venture Accelerator. Daniel has completed co-ops in legal finance, commercial banking, and private equity. He has recently interned as a venture capital associate at JourneyOne Ventures, a cannabis focused VC fund run by a fellow Husky alum.