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Senior Capstone 2021

Media Literacy and Race in Media

Abstract: Our generation has experienced an incredible growth of technology and media usage. Along with this, people are, to a degree, a product of what they consume. When people are equipped to handle and filter media to distinguish reality from propaganda, they are able to be entertained without being susceptible to the biases in media. This ability or skill of filtering is referenced as “media literacy”. Using a three-part survey that is further discussed in the paper, results reveal that people associated specific races with certain roles and characteristics. This project assesses how the degree of individual media literacy contributes to racial stereotypes, explores how certain races are more or less likely to be portrayed in certain ways within media and theorizes the economic impacts of media facilitated racial stereotyping.

David Adams is a 5th year student at Northeastern University majoring in Economics. He is a member of the Northeastern Varsity Track team, and his economic interests range from investment banking to economic sustainable and environmental justice. His immediate plans after college involve seeking a position that allows him to fulfill his interests, and stay involved with his passion for the world of track and field.