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NU Alum Jonathan Vayness

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Jonathan Vayness graduated from Northeastern in 2019 with degrees in psychology and economics. As a research analyst at the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University, Jonathan works with Professor Dean Karlan on projects related to effective philanthropy. Jonathan helped develop nonprofit methodologies and ratings through a research partnership with ImpactMatters.

ImpactMatters was founded in 2015 by a Yale professor of economics and finance, Dean Karlan, and his student, Elijah Goldberg. The organization gathers publicly available information and designs algorithms to estimate a nonprofit’s cost-effectiveness. Based on these estimates, and a set of organizational governance checks, a rating of 1-5 stars is awarded. With over 1,000 nonprofits rated to date, ImpactMatters is the first nonprofit ratings agency to achieve rigor at scale.
Published On: December 17, 2019