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Professor Alan Dyer and Professor Gregory Wassall of the Northeastern University Department of Economics hosted the 2015 Kick-Off meeting of the MAPS-LED research project from August 26 to August 27…
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New Articles by James Dana

Professor James Dana has had two articles published in the International Journal of Industrial Organization and one article published in the Journal of Economic Theory
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US impact of China’s devalued currency

“In very simple terms, let’s say that 6.4 yuan buys a U.S. dollar,” Professor Kamran Dad­khah explained. “If you devalue the yuan, you have to pay more, say 6.5, yuan to get a dollar.” As a result, the imme­diate price of Chi­nese goods and ser­vices will be less for the out­side world, while imported goods will…
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Mass Benchmarks: State economy expands robustly in Q2

“The rising tide appears to finally be lifting the boats of the long-term unemployed, even though conditions for these workers remain difficult”, noted Dr. Alan Clayton-Matthews, Mass Benchmarks Senior Contributing Editor and Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Northeastern University…
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Welcome Melissa!

Please join us in welcoming Melissa Persechini-Soares as she assumes the role of Administrative Assistant in the Department of Economics…
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