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2016 Doctoral Program Graduates

Steven Kapica, PhD; Lauren Thacker, PhD; Charles Lesh, PhD; Elizabeth Hopwood, PhD; Michael Dedek, PhD; Tabitha Clark, PhD; Shannon Garner-Balandrin, PhD; Laura Hartmann-Villalta, PhD; Victoria Papa, PhD.

Photo courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Maddock Dillon.

Since August 2015, twelve doctoral candidates from the Department of English have received their PhDs. Pictured here, at the 2016 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony on May 5, 2016, are doctoral graduates Steven Kapica, Lauren Thacker, Charles Lesh, Elizabeth Hopwood, Michael Dedek, Tabitha Clark, Shannon Garner-Balandrin,  Laura Hartmann-Villalta, and Victoria Papa. Our other recent graduates, not pictured here, are Jeffrey Cottrell, Jim McGrath, and Jessica Nelson.


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