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Recent graduate student publications

Frank Capogna’s article, “The Muse in the Museum: Cultural Institutions and Aesthetic Experience in H.D.’s Asphodel and Trilogy,” was published in Twentieth-Century Literature, Volume 62, Number 4, December 2016.

Heather Falconer’s article, “Cultivating minority scientists: Undergraduate research increases self-efficacy and career ambitions for underrepresented students in STEM,” co-authored with Anthony Carpi, Darcy M. Ronan, and Nathan H. Lents, was published in Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Volume 54, Issue 2, February 2017.

Kevin G. Smith’s article, “Negotiating Community Literacy Practice: Public Memory Work and the Boston Marathon Bombing Digital Archive,” was published in Computers and Composition, Volume 40, June 2016.

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