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Eunsong Kim joins the English Department

headshot of eunsong kim

We are pleased to announce that Eunsong Kim will be joining our faculty this fall as an Assistant Professor of English and will teach poetry writing and modern poetry.  Eunsong has just completed her PhD at UC San Diego.  Her dissertation, titled “Property & Appropriation in Modern Aesthetics,” addresses the relations among modernist literature and art, race, and property ownership regimes.  Eunsong co-founded and co-runs the arts forum, contemptorary, a magazine dedicated to featuring, interviewing and archiving artists of color. Her first book of poetry, The Gospel of Regicide, is forthcoming from Noemi Press.

This fall, Professor Kim will teach ENGL 2420 Contemporary Poetry and ENGL 3377 Poetry Workshop. In Spring 2018, she’ll teach ENGL 3380 Topics in Writing (TBD) and 4710 Capstone seminar. (Course offerings are subject to change. Please check the Banner Course Schedule for the most up-to-date course offerings. Course descriptions may be found online at

Q&A with Eunsong Kim

What’s your earliest memory or most pivotal memory of poetry in your life?

I have so many pivotal memories of poetry! I remember reading Edna St. Vincent Millay for the first time in freshman English, and becoming obsessed with villanelles and sonnets through her work. But the most important memories of poetry in my life have been the discussions and interactions that I’ve had with others about poetry. Teaching and working with fifth graders in Chicago on poetry projects, running poetry workshops in Paris, writing poems and receiving feedback, and putting together poetry issues have shown me the intricate ways poetry can impact us as individuals, but connect us to each other as a community.

What is something you love or geek out about that might surprise, interest, or amuse students?

I suppose it’s not a surprise that I spend the majority of my time reading and writing…so I’m consistently behind pop culture news, shows, etc. I will regularly tell you about an “interesting” show from five years ago, or ten years ago that I’ve been slowly watching in the present day.

Another thing: I have lived in California for seven years, which means that I own a sophisticated blender and am always on the hunt for new smoothie recipes. Maybe this is not a California-specific note…anyway, always feel free to share with me your experimental smoothie tales!

What are your recommendations for summer reading?

Who will Run the Frog Hospital by Lorrie Moore — I actually can’t imagine a summer without something by Lorrie Moore.

Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang — I have a gigantic writer crush on Jenny. Her writing is so funny and at the same time, haunting.

Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? by Kathleen Collins (If you haven’t watched her film, Losing Ground–order it immediately! It will change your expectations for film and stories.)

Whereas by Layli Long Soldier — summer is a perfect time for poetry! Always read poetry. I would recommend beginning with Layli Long Soldier, and ending with Amber Atiya.

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