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Ryan Cordell Publishes Report Commissioned by the Library of Congress

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Ryan Cordell, Associate Professor of English, has published a report on digital collections and libraries, commissioned by the Library of Congress. The report, titled “Machine Learning + Libraries: A Report on the State of the Field,” offers recommendations for learning about and experimenting with emerging technologies.

“The report expertly frames machine learning and both its possibilities and its challenges.  After defining machine learning and distinguishing it from the broader category of artificial intelligence (AI), Dr. Cordell describes the history of the use of these technologies in libraries and explores various approaches.  Urging care and thoughtful implementation of machine learning, the report points out the risks and potential benefits for crowdsourcing, searchability of type and handwritten documents and audiovisual materials, collection management, conservation and preservation, and creative and artistic works.  The report concludes with recommendations for responsibly implementing machine learning, improving access to data, developing infrastructure, and cultivating expertise.”

Leah Weinryb-Grohsgal, Progam Analyst and Program Advisor to the Director of Digital Strategy at the Library of Congress

Read the rest of the blog post here, and read the full report here. Congratulations on this important work, Ryan!

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